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Encyclopedia Of Sheikh Mohammed Safwat Nour El-Dien - The First Part
Price after Discount: 15 LE for Egypt,
4.75 $ for Arab Countries
6 $ for Other Countries
No. Of CDs:1
Subject:Islamic Techings
Packing:DVD Box
Author:Mohammed Safwat Nour El-Dien
Product Description:
Generosity Sheikh Mohammed Safwat Nour El-Dien, may Allah have mercy upon him, previously was the general president for group (Mohammedan advocates of Sunnah), “Ansar El-Sunnah El-Mohammadiah”. He was known as “an expressible method intellectual scientist”. He was born in 20/6/1943 in Belbys, Egypt. He was graduated as a bachelor in sciences & education, & worked in the ministry of education until he became a general manager. He had his own scientific standing in all the religious associations & the scientific organizations. He died in Friday 20/9/2002 in Mecca. This audio & video electronic encyclopedia resulted to present a division from the works and efforts of this magnificent scientist, and a division from his abundant knowledge & science. So the program merges more than 9 CDs, contains around 100 audio & 4 video hours, ranked and classified from the lectures, the speeches, the lessons and the scientific series, etc, all on an only one easy to use CD, through the use of superior, modern and favorite technicalities to put this big quantity of media on an only one CD, with excellent purity & clarity of sound and video, to be more than easy and friendly for users.

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