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Al-Hajj & Al-Umrah
Price after Discount: 9.5 LE for Egypt,
3 $ for Arab Countries
4 $ for Other Countries
No. Of CDs:1
Language:Arabic - English
Subject:Islamic Techings
Packing:DVD Box
Product Description:
Pilgrim guide for Hajj & Umrah that explicate Hajj and Umrah with sound and video.
Complete explanation for Hajj Types: (Tamattu' Hajj - Ifrad' Hajj - Qiran' Hajj).
Complete explanation for Hajj and Umrah essentials including: (Hajj by proxy - Woman's Hajj - Childern's Hajj - Judgments of offering and sacilicial animals).
GUI interface for the Hajj and Umrah tour you can move step by step or continues, by along the tour with commentary.
All the Hajj and Umrah accompanied with video snap shots and arabic commentary.

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