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Hafss (Standard)- Arabic
Price after Discount: 120 LE for Egypt,
30 $ for Arab Countries
30 $ for Other Countries
No. Of CDs:2
Subject:The Holy Quraan
Packing:Carton Box
Product Description:
* This Version 3 Users.
* Recommended by a host of the most prominent scholars including prof. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Ma'saraawi; supreme Sheikh of the Egyptian Qur'an Recitation.
* Allows the entire family the opportunity to use all the time where three members allowed to register for the program and use.
* The first software application with the ability of handling various dialects, ages, genders, and education levels.
* The first software application to help the user master the Tajweed through a closed feedback loop of learning, training, and evaluation.
* This Version Included: Hafss CD + Hafss Services CD + User Manual
* The first software application to effectively play the role of the electronic tutor of the Tajweed of the holy Qur'an via automatically analyzing the learner's recitation hence producing an audio and written report on the correctness or otherwise of the recitation.
* The first software application to utilize artificial intelligence in teaching the Tajweed of holy Qur'an via using digital speech processing technologies.

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