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Pocket PC Promotion

Kingdom of Hidden Enemies.
Memorization Mushaf (Holly Quran for Pocket PC).
Azkar Pocket PC.

Promotion and Gift Description:
If you own a Pocket PC, you will need to this offer wich contains the " Memorization Mushaf (Holly Quran for Pocket PC 2.1)" and the " Azkar (for Pocket PC version 1.0)" and don't forget your gift "cassette Kingdom of hidden enemies"..
Price before Discount:165 LE
Price after Discount:130 LE for Egypt
39.25 $ for Arab Countries
51.75 $ for Other Countries
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Islamic Teachings (English)

Immunity of Muslim. From invocations of the Quran and the Sunna. (English) 2 colours.
The Prophet in the Holy Quran (man and the Messenger) English.
Islamic Teachings by Dr. Jamal Badawy.
The Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Promotion Description:
This promotion is the key to enter non-Arabic-speaking to the discovery of Islam..
Price before Discount:129.5 LE
Price after Discount:94 LE for Egypt
30.5 $ for Arab Countries
40.25 $ for Other Countries
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Encyclopedia Of Sheikh Mohammed Safwat Nour El-Dien - The First Part

Encyclopedia Of Sheikh Mohammed Safwat Nour El-Dien - The First Part.

Promotion Description:
Generosity Sheikh Mohammed Safwat Nour El-Dien, may Allah have mercy upon him, previously was the general president for group (Mohammedan advocates of Sunnah), “Ansar El-Sunnah El-Mohammadiah”. He was known as “an expressible method intellectual scientist”. He was born in June 20, 1943 A.D. in the city of Belbys, in Sharqyah governorate, in Arab Republic of Egypt. He was graduated as a bachelor in sciences & education, & worked in the ministry of education until he became a general manager.The sheikh had his own scientific standing in all of the religious associations & the scientific organizations in Egypt & abroad. He died in Friday 13th from Rajab 1423 Hijri, September 10, 2002 A.D. in the city of Mecca, & was buried in its graveyards. This audio & video electronic encyclopedia resulted to present a division from the works and efforts of this magnificent scientist, and a division from his abundant knowledge & science. So the program merges more than 9 CDs, contains around 100 audio, ranked and classified from the lectures, the speeches, the lessons and the scientific series, etc, all on an only one easy to use CD. Don't forget your gift....
Price before Discount:20 LE
Price after Discount:15 LE for Egypt
4.75 $ for Arab Countries
6 $ for Other Countries
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Child Anasheed

Glory be to Him Who created (the Creator).
Joy upon giving birth.
The world is between your hands (before you).
Teet Toooot.

Promotion Description:
Among the educational instruments affecting children are Anasheed “songs”. You can, through appropriate words and a distinguished melody, influence your children’s conduct or teach a piece of information to them that will remain in their minds until they grow up. So, pick what suits your children and their ages, and buy this offering which consists of 4 cassette tapes costing 12.5 pounds only...
Price before Discount:16 LE
Price after Discount:12.5 LE for Egypt
4 $ for Arab Countries
5 $ for Other Countries
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Life Maker Offer

Mirror (image/reflection) T-Shirt (Light Blue).

Promotion Description:
Opportunity will not be repeated for each life-maker in the world, you can obtain any model of (life makers t-shirts) by 39.99 L.E only....
Price before Discount:45 LE
Price after Discount:39.99 LE for Egypt
12.25 $ for Arab Countries
16 $ for Other Countries
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Learn English Promotion

Learn English.

Promotion Description:
Explanation by video and image from six CD to learn English (The talks - Grammar – Dictionary speaking - Terminology - Interactive tests).
Price before Discount:95 LE
Price after Discount:80 LE for Egypt
26 $ for Arab Countries
34 $ for Other Countries
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